My Book

GOD in the Meantime is a book about my journey to peace in answering the question “Where is GOD when I’m suffering?”
In my mini-memoir, as an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) Survivor, I offer some insights based on my personal and intimate experiences with GOD.
I hope you will discover:
• Why I affirm that GOD is much smarter than we are
• That GOD’s timing is perfect, and that HIS heart is totally loving. 
As you accompany me on a journey through various milestones in my life, from young love, through marriage, financial struggle, career changes, family life, and major illness, I trust you will see GOD’s loving footprints evident in every mile. And I hope you will laugh with and at me when I missed them.
In the end, I hope it is hard for you to miss my faith statement and the truth of my loving FATHER who, in HIS infinite wisdom, sometimes withholds in order to richly bless.

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The story behind the title.

2020 vision

My amazing god-daughter, Joanna “cre.8.tiv” Klu, is also my book cover designer. You can see more of her work here!

Love your book cover . . . It’s Happening!

– Dawn Webster, Jamaican artist